Serengeti Great Migration Safaris

Your guide to the Serengeti Great Migration

You have heard about the Serengeti Great Migration Safaris before, You have watched YouTube videos to fuel your curiosity. But nothing is like the real thing. Nothing compares to being on the ground, in Africa, bearing witness to the largest migration of mammals on the planet. You have made it.

To experience the Great Wildebeest Migration in East Africa is one of the most life-changing experiences available today. Why? There are 1.5 million reasons why. Each year 1.5 million wildebeest move through Northern Tanzania and Kenya, following fresh grass and water.

The ecosystem where migration takes place can be divided into several distinct areas:

  • Southern Plains: these short grass plains include Ndutu and Maswa
  • Central Serengeti: including the Seronera Valley
  • Northern Corridor: covers the northern Serengeti, the Mara triangle and Kogatende where the Mara River flows and almost all of the river is within the Serengeti
  • Western Corridor: this is where the Grumeti River flows.

Moving Migration Maps

November: Southward movement (Loliondo and Lobo areas of the eastern Serengeti).
December to March: Calving (Ndutu area of the southern Serengeti).
April to May: Green season (southwest and central Serengeti).
June to July: Northward movement (Western Corridor of the Serengeti).
August to September: River Crossings (northern Serengeti).
October: Grazing and localized movement (northern Serengeti and Masai Mara (Kenya))

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Serengeti Great Migration Safaris